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HackCodeX hackathon challenges announced

HackCodeX is an international hackathon that brings together the brightest minds in coding across Europe. During the 48-hour hackathon, participants will work on a solution for one challenge of their choice. Marking the last week for applications, we have announced the challenges proposed by the leading IT companies and tech organisations vary from sustainability and social issues to empowering more efficient work.

Challenge powered by Atea Global Services:

It's time to work smarter not harder! Are you up for challenging corporate efficiency through a solution that not only minimizes manual work but also drives data-powered decision making?! Let's utilize the power of modern tech and the creativity of human minds to drive innovation.

Challenge powered by Emergn:

Emergn has researched solutions that enhance the interaction between people with accessibility issues and computers. There are already several cutting-edge technologies that can revolutionize the lives of those with disabilities, making their everyday experiences more seamless and inclusive. Emergen challenges participants to create an app or solution that enhances the quality of life for people with disabilities by utilizing Chat GPT and similar models.

Beginners Challenge powered by Ubiquiti and Riga TechGirls:

For all skill-level developers, there will also be a beginners challenge developed by technology company Ubiquiti and community partner Riga TechGirls. They invite participants to think of a no-code solution that helps shoppers make more sustainable purchasing decisions or recycle their existing products.

Make sure to jump in and kick off the summer by testing your skills and developing new ideas!

Join individually or make your own team of 3 – 5 members. If you do not have the team yet, don't worry, we will find you the best teammates in our matchmaking activities. Full challenges and criteria will be announced in the day of the hack.

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