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No-code solution that helps shoppers make more sustainable purchasing decisions or recycle their existing products.

Your task is to create a no-code solution that empowers shoppers to make more sustainable purchasing decisions or recycle their existing products. When devising your solutions, focus on your own age group and how the solutions you develop can help you and others adopt more sustainable practices in your daily lives. The ultimate outcome should be a visual prototype that allows for interaction and testing.

Your solution should aim to achieve the following:

  1. Enable sustainable purchasing decisions: Enable users to make informed and sustainable choices while shopping. Your solution should provide relevant information, such as product sustainability ratings, ethical certifications, or carbon footprint calculations, to help users understand the environmental impact of their purchases.

  2. Support recycling and reuse: Encourage users to recycle or repurpose their existing products. Incorporate features that provide guidance on recycling methods, nearby recycling centers, or creative ideas for upcycling products.

Consider the efficiency of user engagement in your solution. Instead of requiring continuous monitoring and immediate responses, provide an interface that displays relevant prompts and questions. This interface should present shopping-related information on one side, such as product details or sustainability indicators, and the user's options or actions on the other side. Clearly highlight areas where users can contribute to sustainability, enabling them to address multiple prompts or questions simultaneously.

Who we are 🙌


Riga TechGirls is the first organization in Latvia whose goal is to inspire and educate women to learn the basics of programming and develop digital skills, as well as to join the field of technology. Since 2015 it has been developing various programs and initiatives to encourage diversity and inclusion across STEM fields. More information;

Ubiquiti Inc. ( is a next-generation communications technology company founded by former Apple engineer Robert Pera in 2005, USA with R&D center in Riga since 2014. Ubiquiti is focused on democratizing network technology on a global scale - aggregate shipments of nearly 100 million devices play a key role in creating networking infrastructure in over 200 countries and territories around the world. Ubiquiti R&D team in Riga with over 130 engineers, is leading development of many exciting new products.


What we’ll provide ⚙️


Riga TechGirls will provide:

  • Mentorship and support

  • Technical assistance and help with no code solutions

  • Support with UI/UX solutions

Judging criteria 🔍



Does it work? Can it be implemented? Can it be maintained?



How innovative / creative / unique is the idea? Was there a novel approach applied to solve the problem?


Technical Excellence

Is the project technically impressive? How technically elegant is the solution?


Future Potential

Was it clear how the output could be taken forward in the future? Were ideas of future steps provided? Was it sheer fun, or did the idea show usefulness in the long term?



How well the idea and prototype are communicated to the audience?



Prizes 🏆


Winners will recieve AmpliFi Alien Routers from Ubiquiti!

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