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Improve the quality of life for people with disabilities

Your task is to create an app or solution that leverages ChatGPT and other technologies to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities. To ensure your final product is accessible and user-friendly, it's crucial to consider the unique needs of the target audience and tailor your solutions accordingly. This challenge provides an opportunity for you to make a meaningful impact by designing technology that empowers individuals with disabilities to engage with ChatGPT more effectively and efficiently. Here are a few examples to inspire your solution:

  1. Speech-to-text app: Develop a speech-to-text app that converts spoken words into text, which can then be input into ChatGPT. This solution would greatly benefit individuals with speech impairments or physical disabilities that make typing or using a keyboard challenging. By enabling easy communication with the system, this app opens up new possibilities for users with diverse needs.

  2. Text-to-speech app: Create a text-to-speech app that converts ChatGPT's responses into spoken words. This app would be valuable for individuals with visual impairments or reading difficulties who may find it challenging to read text on a screen. By providing auditory output, your solution can make ChatGPT more accessible and inclusive.

  3. Gesture recognition app: Design a gesture recognition app that allows people with physical disabilities to interact with ChatGPT using hand gestures or body movements. For instance, individuals with limited hand mobility could use this app to select pre-defined responses or actions within ChatGPT. By incorporating gesture-based input, your solution can empower users with physical limitations to engage with the system effortlessly.

Remember to prioritize the efficiency and effectiveness of user interaction in your solution. Rather than requiring continuous monitoring and immediate responses, provide an interface that displays all outstanding questions or prompts. This interface should clearly indicate areas where the AI may struggle to identify information, alongside the destination system and the original document. By addressing outstanding issues collectively, users can optimize their time and engage with the system more efficiently.

As users resolve these issues, your AI model should be trained to improve its performance. This training becomes especially valuable in cases where the AI struggles to understand specific input formats or locate certain information. By incorporating manual interventions and learning from user feedback, the AI model can enhance its recognition capabilities and adapt its data lookup methods accordingly.

Who we are 🙌


Emergn is a global digital business services firm with a mission to improve the way people and companies work. Forever. Emergn helps some of the world’s most respected businesses – including Fortune 500, FTSE 100, and Global 2000 companies – develop their most promising ideas into valuable digital products and customer experiences, faster. Emergn’s experts work with clients to transform their business in three ways: 

  • Helping to better define their thinking, including shaping their product organization and clarifying and communicating their product strategy. 

  • Developing their people by delivering exemplary training in product management, modern ways of working, and leadership. 

  • Delivering their outcomes by building customer-centric products and customer experiences. 

Emergn has invested more than a decade perfecting a game-changing approach to change – Value, Flow, Quality (or VFQ for short) – combining the best of Agile, Lean, design thinking and systems thinking. It is not just another methodology and instead takes investments clients have made in new ways of working and turns them into tangible results. This unique approach has been built to support enterprise-scale change and consists of the latest models, techniques, and tools for delivering work in an agile and effective way. Emergn has a strong presence in over a dozen countries, with its US headquarters in Boston and EMEA headquarters in London. 


With us, you’re a part of a diverse international community of friendly, supportive experts, working and sharing without borders. 

Here, you can push boundaries through challenging and varied work for some of the world’s most respected international businesses 

You’ll get to work with the latest technologies and innovative working practices through our VFQ philosophy and culture of continuous learning. 


What we’ll provide ⚙️


Emergn will provide:

  • Mentors with skill sets covering Product Design, UX, Digital Accessibility, Machine Learning, Solution Architecture, Business Analytics, and others

  • Technical assistance

Judging criteria 🔍



Does it work? Can it be implemented? Can it be maintained?



How innovative / creative / unique is the idea? Was there a novel approach applied to solve the problem?


Technical Excellence

Is the project technically impressive? How technically elegant is the solution?


Future Potential

Was it clear how the output could be taken forward in the future? Were ideas of future steps provided? Was it sheer fun, or did the idea show usefulness in the long term?



How well the idea and prototype are communicated to the audience?



Prizes 🏆


Gear up for an adventure! The winners will receive an awesome set of gadgets to fuel their experiments. Picture this: laptop power bank, 2 cell phone VR headsets, 2 Tobii eye trackers. Get ready to take your innovation to new heights with these cool tools!

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